How to Create Google Forms in

What is Google Forms ? What are Google Forms for ? In this guide I will explain the functions of this platform and how to create a Google Form or Google document step by step with examples. If you want to know what your. Google Forms in followers and customers think about your content, products or services, a good way is through surveys. And that’s why today I’m talking about Google Form , a tool for creating Google forms . Google Forms is a very valuable platform for companies and entrepreneurs that you should know.

See how to access and use

Google Docs.First of all, you have to category email list have a Google account to be able to access all Google tools. If you want to see how to create a Gmail account, look here . If you don’t have a Google account yet and want to create one, click here . When you have your Google account, you can now create your Google forms. You have different options depending on the type of response. To see it, go to the drop-down menu on the right (which I show you in the image above). Each question is completely customizable and we have different options depending on the type of answer.

Google Forms in To open the options

Click on “Various options” and a bar HN Lists like the one you see in the image above will appear with different options: Short answer: useful for obtaining data such as name and surname, email, etc. Paragraph : when we want users to make comments and observations. Several AWB Directory options : of answers from which they have to choose. Checkboxes : to check the boxes (one or more) that the user considers fit their answer. Droppable : to add different droppable responses. Linear scale : to achieve numerical evaluations on a topic, rating it for example from 1 to 10. Multi-Option Grid – This is similar to linear scaling, but with a table. It is used to achieve a complex assessment that includes different aspects. Checkbox Grid – Similar to the previous option, but with checkboxes.

How to boost growth in Marketplace startups

Daddy, where do chickens come from? Well, from the daughter eggs. Oh, and where do eggs come from, daddy? Well, the chickens lay them. What chickens? The ones that came out of the eggs. What eggs? Those who laid the chickens. So, daddy, why do people doubt if God exists? Ains daughter, do you want us to go to. How to boost the park for a little while? Hello again! How are you? Good? I hope so! Me too, doing well, moving forward “with my things” and planning my work for September. I’m going to have a great time, especially working on some projects that, from the bottom of my heart, have awakened my most motivated side .

I have to enjoy it How to boost growth


One of those projects is based on a industry email list business model that is sure to be very familiar to you: the Marketplace model . Although it is true that it is a fairly profitable model, it usually faces a serious crossroads that usually causes the failure of the vast majority of this type of projects: to have buyers, you need sellers and vice versa . Where to start? Where should we focus at the beginning to try to enhance growth? So, seeing us at this point, I thought that perhaps you would like to reflect with me on this.

Come on? Come on, coffee and smile! Lots of products, from different manufacturers or sellers, concentrated on one platform to be found by lots of interested customers. These types of marketplaces, among which we have Etsy, eBay or Chickfy, offer a space for sellers to place their products and buyers to find them. Service Marketplaces .

How to boost On the other hand

We have models like Uber or freelancer HN Lists in which professionals offer their services to interested clients. It is a very similar model to the previous one, only there may not be a physical product to exchange. But basically it’s the same. Or almost. Listings . Although the two previous models could also be considered lists, I have decided to separate them and put this third point to refer to those in which the return on investment is obtained by access to the information (to the list) or the traffic generated rather than by intervention in the transaction.

Are you following me or did the paragraph seem strange to me? In the case of listings, the value is in appearing on the listing itself (and playing with visibility) rather than in the transaction itself, which may or may not occur within the platform. Can I explain myself better? Content portals . 

Interview with Nicolas Moinard Growth Marketer

Nicolas works as a Growth Marketer at Mailjet and is the founder of the digital magazine . Before Mailjet, he has worked on growth hacking strategy for the largest. Interview with startup accelerator in Southeast Asia and different startups around the world. There it is nothing. I am very excited to bring you this interview because what Nicolas tells us is priceless. So get wild, get out the popcorn and I hope you have a lot of fun. Thank you very much for spending this little time with us, Nicolas. In my previous job, I worked for a company where we didn’t have much of a budget. We couldn’t spend a cent on ads, so we had to drive growth in a different way.

So I started reading books

And trying to better understand top industry data how all those Silicon Valley companies grew like wildfire. And then I decided to try some of those techniques. One of the first things I put into practice was implementing a referral program inspired by Dropbox. Dropbox had exponential growth, offering extra megabytes to those users. Who recommended it to their friends or acquaintances. So I decided to implement the same principle and in just two months we increased our acquisition by 35%. It is true that what works for one company will not necessarily generate. The same result in another, which is why it is important to test until we find what fits our product. Growth hacking, or growth marketing, is nothing more than a strategy. That seeks to quickly and efficiently increase the number of users, impacts or income of a company.

Interview with the minimum possible

Effort and expense. A definition HN Lists that I think summarizes this concept very well is that of Dan Martell: “Growth Hacking is the process and mentality of looking for new ways to grow your product. It’s like a mix between engineering and marketing. ” At Mailjet , we use this discipline to track and improve the user cycle from discovering us to becoming a customer or, in other words, to optimize each of the phases of the conversion funnel.

The list of companies and agencies that decide to use our platform is constantly increasing. To help them send better emails faster, we decided to develop a new set of tools that allow work teams to collaborate in real time to create and send emails. Some of them are, for example, editing templates simultaneously, user management, locked sessions, and publishing request. 

Crowned at Inspirational 22 with more than 15 million impacts on Twitter

Crowned at Inspirational yesterday , Inspirational Night put the finishing touch to an awards gala in which the best agencies and advertisers were recognized for their creative work. Ogilvy collected more than 10 medals, including the Agency of the Year award, and the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) won Advertiser of the Year. But not all the celebrations took place on the ground: Twitter was the stage in which those attending the Inspirational’22 awards expressed their emotions, achievements and concerns under the hashtag #Inspirational22.

About the conference cycles and the awards gal

The sum of all these publications made top industry data by more than 200 users has achieved almost 43 million potential impacts , a figure much higher than that of other meetings in the sector. Once again, has led the impact ranking on Twitter : it has achieved 15.7 million potential impacts during the Inspirational’22, even ahead of IAB Spain, the organizing entity of these awards, which has obtained slightly more of 10 million.

Most emblematic Brands

Another of the rankings led by this medium HN Lists is the most popular accounts . In the ranking of profiles that have achieved the most retweets on Twitter ,  occupies second place, only behind IAB Spain. Download an app that rewards you for moving. Technology is in your favor! Go to your mobile app store and search for Stepler. Download it and rely on it to motivate you to walk. It is an app that counts your steps.

Leo Messi launches his own fund in Silicon Valley to invest in sports

Lionel (Leo) Messi , one of the best soccer players of all time, wants to enter technology investment through a new holding company that will be led by two Silicon Valley veterans. Therefore, the name given to the new partnership will be ” Play Time Sports ” between the player’s Messi Group and Silicon Valley executives Razmig Hovaghimian and special advisor Michael Marquez , according to Techcrunch .

A new startup from Messi Play Time

In the statement they also announced category email list that they have already incubated a new startup called Matchdaom. Therefore, a stealth mode gaming studio for soccer fans that they plan to launch before the FIFA World Cup in November. The holding company also has a stake in football technology startup AC Momento . Therefore, hope that through its success Play Time helps many people and has a positive impact on the world.

Play Time Sports-Tech Holdco

I trust the team and our partners to HN Lists achieve our goals ,” announces the footballer. Therefore, from the moment I met Leo and the Messi family in 2017. Therefore, it was clear that their vision for the future is bold,” Hovaghimian said in a statement reported by Bloomberg . Therefore, they want to continue to have a direct and lasting impact on and off the field .”

Best analyzes the era of contradictions a new context in the marketing

Every year, Best analyzes the trends that surround the world of communication and marketing, focusing this year on the new perspective offered by topics such as brand reputation management, the development of the metaverse or the different types of network strategies. social, among others. On this occasion, the analysis comes in the middle of a process of integrating the brand in the current context, which is already nicknamed “the era of contradictions.”

What trends predominate in the Communication and Marketing sector

At Best we have brought different industry email list opposing trends into the ring in order to reflect on the current panorama with regard to brands, the metaverse, consumers, PR, or digital strategies. Regarding the first point, we find Comfort Brands vs. Uncomfortable conversations: from companies seeking their purpose facing conversations around social responsibility, the environment and diversity; to comfort brands, brands that do not directly speak of purposes and that become channels of evasion for consumers to forget the new normal, wars, politics and conflicts.

Digital strategies and content

And as for events, we debate whether HN Lists Physical or Phygital is better. To counteract the practicality and solvency of phygital events, the traditional physical event is undergoing a reinvention towards a type of experiential format that makes use of more surprising audiovisual media, also seeing itself as an opportunity to carry out sustainable production of the pieces. Phygital becomes the standard and physical becomes the wow, but which is better and which strategy should I opt for.

Weekly Product Industry Updates

Yes, we have done it. We have created Weekly Product the Infinity Plan , which will allow you to create all the content you need each month with this tool . But Anas, haven’t you commented on numerous occasions that unlimited plans are bad? Will Write It ban us from the platform if we create a lot of content? The answer is NEVER, because I am not a hypocrite. This plan, and precisely for the previous reason, will be for a limited time (an indefinite time that we do not yet know) ; We do this to reward the people who accompany us in the beginning. In order to maintain its quality and help you delegate 80% of all your content to the best Spanish-speaking.

Seconds and optimized Weekly Product for positioning

AI and for you to work only 20% to get involved in the important category email list aspects. Giving your personal touch, it would cost €119 per month. For that price you can save hours of work, headaches. Creative blocks and get quality content created in seconds and optimized for positioning . It would be almost like having a quality SEO copywriter available to always help you, and who has also learned from the best. Like I told you before, I’ll be honest. I don’t know how long this plan will remain open. However, if you have an annual fee you can keep it.

More than convinced that what I am proposing

(I’m sure it could even increase in HN Lists value hahaha, as happened previously with the early adopter plan in which there was even demand from people who wanted to buy it from other users because we had stopped marketing it) . The offer that will last until Thursday, October 20, consists of us offering you the Write It Infinity Plan.

(without any permanence) for €997 per year instead of €1,428/year, which is the equivalent of €119×12. As I am more than convinced that what I am proposing to you is of quality, on the website just below the price table you will find this message written by me, Anas Andaloussi: And if you’re not interested, there is another more basic plan on the Escribelo.

Mastering Product Innovation

Continuing with his philosophy of democratizing the Mastering Product world. Of SEO (and I am and will be infinitely grateful to him), since he allowed me to share this great technology with hundreds of people who decided to trust it by accessing an early adopter offer. However, right now Escribelo is a more mature product with new great functionalities that we presented last Thursday, October 13 at # EscribeloDAY An event attended by great leaders in the SEO and copy sector such as Dean Romero himself, Álvaro Peña, Carmelo Beltrán, Eva López, Jesús Madurga and this server (if you don’t know who any of these giants of the marketing sector are, simply Google your name).

Additionally Mastering Product  here you can collaborate with the community

Features like the Write It Lab industry email list where you can train artificial intelligence to write like you . This way, you can teach him different skills that you have, such as a formula that you have invented, or a style that you use when sending cold emails, etc. Additionally, here you can collaborate with the community and add tools created by other users who are learning to master these tools. Another of our great innovations are voice commands , thanks to which you simply ask the tool what you want and “magically” your wishes come true, as you saw in the previous video. The icing on the cake , and which is still in the process of improvement, is our article generator.

Clicking the continue button. Of course, having included new features

With one click you will have the draft of HN Lists your next article available in a few seconds. You simply enter the title of your article and you can choose to generate it directly by clicking the Write it button or give more context to the tool by clicking the continue button. Of course, having included new features and finally opening to the public, we have decided to make another offer that will last until Thursday, October 20 (just 7 days since the event ended). And we have implemented something that many, but many people have asked us for even before we released Write It to the market. That something is a plan with access to unlimited words .

Unlocking Product Industry Secrets

As a result, they will make money creating. Unlocking Product shitty products, but in the long term they will not. Be sustainable and will disappear . Normally, these “entrepreneurs” have simply connected their interface to. OpenAI using GPT-3 (which is cheaper than what they sell you) without even creating a product. With trained models (as we have done, and trained by great professionals). But in itself, content created with Artificial Intelligence is not detected by Google. You’ll tell me: Anas, I saw a guy on Twitter who says he found a tool that detects whether content has been created with artificial intelligence or not, so is that tool lying.

English has been created Unlocking Product with artificial intelligence for it

I’m going to tell you without mincing top industry data words, YES. My team and I spent an entire afternoon of research to realize that this tool tells you that any content you put in English has been created with artificial intelligence for it; Furthermore, it uses a technology that is almost obsolete (GPT-2, the predecessor of GPT-3 and which worked terribly). Not even a human can know if content has been created with artificial intelligence, enough for an algorithm to know. And even if you knew, you wouldn’t be penalized by Google.

Thing that matters for whether or not you rank content today

Even John Mueller from Google has explicitly told us that we can HN Lists translate content and we will not have a sanction or penalty (although well, here it would be entering into the debate on the ethics of stealing content, which, as I told you before, I do not feel comfortable with her). I hope you are calmer now. Really, the only thing that matters for whether or not you rank content today is to resolve the user’s search intention. The new Write it I’ll put you a little in context. Developing Write It with my team took me a year, as I told you before. And three months ago Dean Romero and I held an event where he helped me give visibility to this new project