Best analyzes the era of contradictions a new context in the marketing

Every year, Best analyzes the trends that surround the world of communication and marketing, focusing this year on the new perspective offered by topics such as brand reputation management, the development of the metaverse or the different types of network strategies. social, among others. On this occasion, the analysis comes in the middle of a process of integrating the brand in the current context, which is already nicknamed “the era of contradictions.”

What trends predominate in the Communication and Marketing sector

At Best we have brought different industry email list opposing trends into the ring in order to reflect on the current panorama with regard to brands, the metaverse, consumers, PR, or digital strategies. Regarding the first point, we find Comfort Brands vs. Uncomfortable conversations: from companies seeking their purpose facing conversations around social responsibility, the environment and diversity; to comfort brands, brands that do not directly speak of purposes and that become channels of evasion for consumers to forget the new normal, wars, politics and conflicts.

Digital strategies and content

And as for events, we debate whether HN Lists Physical or Phygital is better. To counteract the practicality and solvency of phygital events, the traditional physical event is undergoing a reinvention towards a type of experiential format that makes use of more surprising audiovisual media, also seeing itself as an opportunity to carry out sustainable production of the pieces. Phygital becomes the standard and physical becomes the wow, but which is better and which strategy should I opt for.