How to boost growth in Marketplace startups

Daddy, where do chickens come from? Well, from the daughter eggs. Oh, and where do eggs come from, daddy? Well, the chickens lay them. What chickens? The ones that came out of the eggs. What eggs? Those who laid the chickens. So, daddy, why do people doubt if God exists? Ains daughter, do you want us to go to. How to boost the park for a little while? Hello again! How are you? Good? I hope so! Me too, doing well, moving forward “with my things” and planning my work for September. I’m going to have a great time, especially working on some projects that, from the bottom of my heart, have awakened my most motivated side .

I have to enjoy it How to boost growth


One of those projects is based on a industry email list business model that is sure to be very familiar to you: the Marketplace model . Although it is true that it is a fairly profitable model, it usually faces a serious crossroads that usually causes the failure of the vast majority of this type of projects: to have buyers, you need sellers and vice versa . Where to start? Where should we focus at the beginning to try to enhance growth? So, seeing us at this point, I thought that perhaps you would like to reflect with me on this.

Come on? Come on, coffee and smile! Lots of products, from different manufacturers or sellers, concentrated on one platform to be found by lots of interested customers. These types of marketplaces, among which we have Etsy, eBay or Chickfy, offer a space for sellers to place their products and buyers to find them. Service Marketplaces .

How to boost On the other hand

We have models like Uber or freelancer HN Lists in which professionals offer their services to interested clients. It is a very similar model to the previous one, only there may not be a physical product to exchange. But basically it’s the same. Or almost. Listings . Although the two previous models could also be considered lists, I have decided to separate them and put this third point to refer to those in which the return on investment is obtained by access to the information (to the list) or the traffic generated rather than by intervention in the transaction.

Are you following me or did the paragraph seem strange to me? In the case of listings, the value is in appearing on the listing itself (and playing with visibility) rather than in the transaction itself, which may or may not occur within the platform. Can I explain myself better? Content portals .