Crowned at Inspirational 22 with more than 15 million impacts on Twitter

Crowned at Inspirational yesterday , Inspirational Night put the finishing touch to an awards gala in which the best agencies and advertisers were recognized for their creative work. Ogilvy collected more than 10 medals, including the Agency of the Year award, and the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) won Advertiser of the Year. But not all the celebrations took place on the ground: Twitter was the stage in which those attending the Inspirational’22 awards expressed their emotions, achievements and concerns under the hashtag #Inspirational22.

About the conference cycles and the awards gal

The sum of all these publications made top industry data by more than 200 users has achieved almost 43 million potential impacts , a figure much higher than that of other meetings in the sector. Once again, has led the impact ranking on Twitter : it has achieved 15.7 million potential impacts during the Inspirational’22, even ahead of IAB Spain, the organizing entity of these awards, which has obtained slightly more of 10 million.

Most emblematic Brands

Another of the rankings led by this medium HN Lists is the most popular accounts . In the ranking of profiles that have achieved the most retweets on Twitter ,  occupies second place, only behind IAB Spain. Download an app that rewards you for moving. Technology is in your favor! Go to your mobile app store and search for Stepler. Download it and rely on it to motivate you to walk. It is an app that counts your steps.