What is advertising on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Ads and how does it work

What is advertising on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Ads and how does it work. Linkedin is the most powerful social network for doing business and attracting clients in the B2B field. Although its best-known function is searching for and offering employment, it serves much more. And it is very effective when it comes to selling services or training. For this type of business, Linkedin Advertising is a source of sales opportunities. It has more than 650 million users worldwide, of which more than 11 belong to Spain.

What is LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin Ads is the platform for advertisers of this professional network. It is very similar to advertising on other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram Ads , being able to segment the people you want to impact with your ads and the most appropriate formats and objectives to achieve results. Even, according to a study by Hubspot. Linkedin is much more effective than email database Facebook and Twitter at attracting qualified leads. Specifically, 277% more effective. This is because it is a professional network. where users will tell their work experiences, read news or developments in the sector.

Campaign objectives in LinkedIn Ads

Campaign objectives in LinkedIn Ads. The objective of your LinkedIn Ads campaigns is the first thing you should be very clear about and select appropriately. If you make a mistake, it is very likely that your ads will not work as you expect. Because the tool will optimize the budget and show your ads according to the objective you have set. Have your ideal client well defined. Because, as with the objective HN Lists if you do not carefully select the audiences you want to impact with your ads, they will be shown to people who do not really interest you and you will waste budget.