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It is a secure and private system that only authorizd users can access. Employee access is usually via a company intranet portal. Intranets are usually connectd to the Internet to increase reach. What is intranet? Intranet is a combination of two words: “internal” and “network” An intranet is an internal private network that provides access to resources within an organization or group, such as files, applications, databases, and communication tools.

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What is an intranet usd for? An intranet can be usd for a variety of purposes: Communication : Employees can use the intranet to communicate with each other, exchange documents and collaborate on projects. An important component database here is the social intranet, a software platform with a focus on employee communication. Knowldge management : Intranets are usd to store and share knowldge, e.g. B. To provide policies, procdures, information and best practices. Employee Services : Human resources departments can use an intranet to manage employee information and benefits, such as vacation requests, performance reviews, and more.


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Drive employee engagement with the best digital employee experience . Cross-departmental work : Intranets are usd to facilitate collaboration between departments, e.g. B. project management and task tracking. Efficient organization HN Lists of all operational processes : Intranets can be usd to organize workflows, manage deadlines, track tasks and events, set reminders, and maintain functioning top-down communication. Management of customer information : Intranets are usd to store and share customer data.