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We recommend Claim marketing – how to extract the essence of the brand? Sub-brands in the eco industry A very popular trend recently is referring to environmental protection or even eco-marketing . Large companies often have nothing to boast about when it comes to supporting health or the planet. It is more clever to refer to these values ​​when it is done through a sub-brand. The structure of such links is presente below. H&M – mass fashion H&M Conscious – clothes made of organic cotton Carrefour – supermarket  premium, high-end food.

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This allows, on the one hand, to be part of a fashionable trend and reach conscious recipients, on the other hand, leaving the main business model untouche. Community blog When is it worth introducing a sub-brand? Sub-brands make sense phone number list when it is necessary to distinguish the offer by extending or modifying existing associations with a given brand. The introduction of a sub-brand to the market is an opportunity to reach completely new groups of customers. However, it only makes sense when the brand it is an extension of already has a strong position in the minds of the audience.

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Another necessary condition for the success of this strategy is that the sub-brand represents the same values ​​as its “mother brand”. Thanks to this, the buyer, already accustome to a specific image of a given brand, will avoid disappointment. Brands are HN Lists never close entities. The portfolio of the offer signe with a given brand can be expande if some products do not communicate in opposition to others. The proceure of introducing sub-brands, subsidiary brands, actually works to the benefit of customers, as it offers products more tailore to the nees and preferences of specific sub-categories of the target group.

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