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An vice versa – if you have enough specific, small content on your website or in social meia, then it is probably not create for a specific persona. Especially today, the message cannot be directe to everyone. If your marketing nees refreshing and you have no ideas for new content, after identifying the recipient and their nees, you will immeiately regain inspiration. An interesting exercise may be to follow, e.g. on Instagram, all the pages that your ideal client follows. You will quickly pick up what she likes. Creating a persona on the example of the financial industry.

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It may seem that creating a persona is only for certain industries. Meanwhile, it works everywhere – in retail, B2B marketing and even personal branding products. Creating a persona The financial advisory industry is a good example. Good advisors database also use the client persona in their work. Thanks to this, when they deal with a new client, they do not start from scratch: they can refer to a set of ready-made personas, such as: a young marrie couple on their way to earn money – they care about a house in the suburbs, starting a family and living comfort.


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Lonely retiree – such a person has probably been left alone and has to personally deal with their finances for the first time. Future retirees – a marrie couple 50+, who will soon retire and dream of travelling, peace and safe investment. We recommend Plan HN Lists the stages of the sales process step by step Persona creation – find out who your ideal customer is Financial advisors create up to a dozen of such personas for their own nees. They do not stop there, because for each of them they have specific nees, fears and weak points. All this improves every day in the work of a financial consultant. The same can be use by the staff of a clothing store, beauty salon, travel agency or car dealership.