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with your prospects by commenting or sharing their publications, for example. The use of social selling is also very popular and effective. Finally, you also have the option to contact your potential customers directly. Once your request to add a contact is verified, you can start a conversation with him. . Therefore, we recommend that you start your message by taking an interest in them and talking about them. For example, listening to them while hoping that they have not been too affected by the crisis of the past few months, how they plan to go back to school, etc.

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Again and how. The sites that “get ahead” are the ones that have long committed to natural citations. For some, they’ve built a strategy for Italy WhatsApp Number List months or even years 4. On the way to the end of the year…innovate! Like many companies, you definitely have new projects going on, new ideas on the horizon, new approaches, etc. Serve. Especially if you implement new features, such as accommodating the start of the school year. However, it is possible to send an email without sending an email. Because in fact, you may not be the only one doing this. Send a message that will be appreciated and beneficial to your customer, not you. Focus on your current and previously satisfied customers, the idea of keeping them coming back or sticking with your new product is the first solution .

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Acquiring new customers. Let’s be clear, one does not exclude the other. Since acquiring new clients is not excluded, we highly recommend it, but in the second step. Let’s take an example. Perhaps you can take HN Lists advantage of an offer to provide a product or service update by contacting your old customers to invite them back. Or just to promote your latest products and/or services of the moment. Loyalty principles include not forgetting your previous customers, and this is an ideal time to make the most of it. 3. Tweak your SEO To generate traffic in search engines, a website must combine excellent positioning in Google and strong interest from Internet users. As you can see, webinars, video conferencing and online training have multiplied following quarantine and this period of crisis. It provides complete control and transparency over your data, giving you the opportunity to choose who you give it to.

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