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Follow image and video specifications to set yourself up for success exact specs are above. under TikTok ad specs. Update your ads often tiktok suggests testing lots of different. Kinds of ads when you first start advertising on the platform. And switching up your ads every 7 days to avoid ad fatigue. Use tiktok’s ad library the tiktok creative center. The home of the tiktok ad library is an excellent resource for inspiration. Discovering trends and geting insights on keywords. Top hashtags and other valuable information. Here’s 9 ways you can use the Ad Library to make better advertisements on TikTok.

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Put important info in the middle of the screen there’s lots going on on both the following and for you page on tiktok. The account name. Video caption. Sound. As well as the like. Follow. Share and save buttons are all on display. That means that some parts of your video especially around the perimeter of the screen might get cut off or hidden.

To make sure that key info b2b leads in your ad is communicate to your audience. Keep important creative elements in the middle of the screen. Localize your ad’s language No matter how kickass your ad is. it’s not going to be very effective if the people watching it don’t understand it.

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Make sure you target locations with people who speak the language that your ad creative is in or. translate your ad for use in other parts of the world. TikTok ads FAQs How do TikTok ads work. Brands or creators pay for TikTok video ads to appear in user’s fees along with regular content. Advertisers pay using a bidding/auction model.

Meaning that the advertiser determines HN Lists what they are willing to pay per optimization goal likes. impressions or views. How much are ads on TikTok. Campaigns on TikTok have a minimum budget of $50 USD per day. so that is the lowest amount that a business can spend per day on a TikTok ad.