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In essence, Topshop comes close to providing customers with their own personal style advisor by way of a personal style quiz.

The visual quiz itself includes questions relating to age, budget, size, and favorite colors. The customer also gets to see specific products and respond with a yah or nay, providing Topshop with clues to their preferred style. 

This allows it to tailor product recommendations based on the individual tastes of the customer.

At the completion of the quiz, the participant can create an account and start putting together a personalized wardrobe and also sign up for the newsletter.

Topshop then customizes the wardrobe under the new account holder’s name and separates out recommendations into recognizable categories to aid decision-making.

Cup and Leaf chose to use what’s referred to as an incentivized quiz funnel

Starting with the belief that not everyone visiting their site already knows how to make informed buying decisions, it offers a short quiz with a delayed pop-up asking, “Looking for the perfect tea?” 

Along with this, it lets you know that telemarketing list the short quiz is available to anyone who wants it. Questions ask about preferences and preferred flavors, then request an email address.

As a result, Cup and Leaf locates the perfect teas for you, provides links to category pages, and provides you with a discount on any first order as an incentive to take immediate action.

How to Create Quizzes Without Coding

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How to Create Quizzes Without Coding

Wrap Up

Quiz funnels can be a highly effective way to reach your target audience and grow your brand. 

As a personalized, interactive tool, you HN Lists  will need to understand your customers first and then take the time to create the right questions, design enticing visual elements, and create an irresistible results page to hold their interest and inspire action. 

In turn, you gain valuable insights into customer needs and preferences and also build your list of high-quality leads.

Another effective tool to help build your leads and customer base is an email funnel. 


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