How to Add B2B Content Syndication to Your Marketing Strategy

These types of small formatting issues become even more pronounced for companies that rely on specific sets of data such as metrics, volume, and other data related to numbers.

To fix this, make sure to stress to your different departments the importance of data formatting across multiple platforms.

You can also use data wrangling tools that are  to format data across different platforms into a single, usable base language. Data wrangling tools such as  are invaluable in their ability to transform raw data into valuable information.

Top 10 Big Data Challenges for New Data Strategies

Although batch processing can be a good tool to use for larger sets of data, they have many downfalls, including:

Must be used during downtime

You won’t have access reviews to the data until after the downtime

Can be prone to error, which will lead to errors in the entire data batch

On the contrary, real-time processing takes smaller amounts of data, processes it quickly, and allows you to have access to this information when you need it in “real-time.”

Understanding consumer behavior

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It sounds silly, but it’s quite common to see brands that haven’t yet understood that their strategies need to constantly change as behavior changes.

Now, I want to give you extremely valuable data about new consumer behavior. Come with me!

Consumer trust in content creators

A study by  and Cite Research reveals a HN Lists growing distrust from consumers towards brands.

Given the vast amount of fake news being shared across the internet, these shoppers are increasingly likely to trust posts from real people over recommendations made by the brands themselves. Titles should be descriptive but concise and contain your target keyword once.
Never settle for a randomly generated URL that’s nothing but a jumble of random characters. Optimize it by using actual words (including your keyword) instead. Separate words with hyphens or underscores.
For mid-length or longer descriptions, use headings to organize and break up your content. Use keywords when it makes sense.
You should also try to use your target keyword in title tags, meta descriptions, and alt image tags to ensure all your bases are covered.

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