Medical ethics in social networks how to do digital marketing for health professionals

Many people have the internet as their main source of information, including when it comes to health. After all, who has never researched a symptom on google or youtube? Although the virtual world offers countless facilities, this practice can represent a great danger when there is no respect for medical ethics on social networks . For both patients and professionals! If you are a health professional and wonder how to do digital marketing without going beyond ethical limits, keep reading this text until the end. We prepared this article to talk a little about medical ethics in social networks and how it is possible to build digital authority without breaking the code of ethics.

Medical ethics in social networks

What does the code of medical ethics say? Much is said about ethics in advertising, but did you know that healthcare professionals have unique rules that govern medical advertising and marketing? These rules serve to encourage and maintain a respectful relationship between professionals, and also between doctors and patients. The code of medical ethics (cem) was updated o also embrace the digital universe and thus regulate medical ethics on social networks Germany Business Fax List and other platforms used for digital marketing. There are two cem resolutions that address medical ethics in social networks among the norms addressed, the following points should be highlighted: health professionals cannot provide diagnoses, carry out consultations or prescribe medication through channels that are geared towards mass communication, such as social networks. The exception is telemedicine platforms.


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You cannot use expressions that convey the message

That your service is better than that of other professionals. Examples: (registration of specialist qualification) in advertisements; you cannot post in the “before/after” format of procedures; the publication of images or audio that may be characterized HN Lists  as sensationalism or unfair competition is not authorized; it is forbidden to advertise methods or techniques that are not recognized by the federal council of medicine (cfm). How to do digital marketing without violating medical ethics on social networks: despite the cem norms, it is possible to develop authority in the digital environment, without disrespecting medical ethics in social networks. Below we will list some more important points to be considered in medical marketing.