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Not to receive such messages. In addition to federal laws. Many states have enacted their own laws and regulations to protect the privacy of cell phone users. For example. California’s Online Privacy Protection Act requires companies to disclose. What information they collect from users and how it is used, while Vermont’s Consumer  from calling cell phone numbers on the state’s “no-call” list.

Protection Act prohibits telemarketers

Can be obtained While there are laws and regulations in place to protect the privacy of cell phone users, it is still possible for individuals or New Zealand Email List companies to obtain cell phone numbers through various means. Some of the most common ways in which cell phone numbers can be obtained include: Online directories: There are several online directories that claim to provide cell phone numbers for free or for a fee. However.

Ways in which cell phone numbers

Email List

Many of these directories are unreliable. Or contain outdated information, and some may even be fraudulent. Social media: Many people include their HN Lists cell phone  numbers on their social media profiles, making them easy targets for telemarketers or scammers. Public records: Some public records such as property or business ownership records, may include cell phone numbers as contact information. Data brokers: Data brokers are companies.

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