Five reasons to invest in digital marketing on youtube

The future of digital marketing is on the video sharing platform, youtube. Today one of the giants of the internet, being the second website with the most daily hits, with more than 1 billion users. According to the company itself, its mission is to “give everyone a voice and reveal the world”, so what are you waiting for to give your brand a voice? Thinking about helping you improve your reach, we have listed here five reasons to invest in marketing on youtube. 1. Always visible content the first thing when talking about the advantages of youtube is the visibility that this platform provides to your brand’s content. Unlike social networks like instagram and facebook, youtube provides better access to your content in order to create a storage of everything your brand is about.

But my instagram already has everything about my brand

How long does a post receive interactions? Youtube here has a big differential: posts on social networks are more instantaneous, which means that people will see your content when it goes through their feed, but probably in two or three days this post will no longer have interactions. On youtube this is different, when a brand posts regular videos on the platform, it makes everything the business or service is about available in a more accessible format, since it is Switzerland Business Fax List much easier to play a video than to read the whole thing. About what the brand produces or offers. All this without mentioning that your content will be available to anyone who searches on the subject, instead of focusing almost entirely on followers, as is the case with social networks ; see also how to sell with social networks 2. Engagement and approximation youtube is a subscription platform, which begs the question: what drives someone to subscribe to your channel.


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There are two main reasons the first

Is because the person likes and identifies with their persona; the second reason is the relevance of your content. When your brand hits these two points, engagement begins. Subscribers to your channel, after identification, initiate engagement HN Lists  movements: at first, they just watch the videos and subscribe. Followed by this first movement, the engagement begins, the subscriber starts liking, sharing, adding your video to favorites or to your playlist. The higher the level of identification, complemented with relevant content, the greater your engagement. With the growing fever of youtubers and digital influencers, the platform has acquired a lighter and more informal air, which can be beneficial for creating ties and bonds with your customers in a lighter and more relaxed way. Using a video platform can make your brand much more human, which generates that identification we talked about above.