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Sometimes, companies try to be clever and create a blog that appeals to them. 

The problem with this is it’s not appealing to their audience. As a result, they quickly bounce off the page — that’s if they even click on it at all.

When designing your blog, be sure to choose a blog name that is interesting, identifies who you are, aligns with your brand, and is easy to remember.

Also, strive to provide readers with an inkling of the kinds of topics they can expect to find when they land on your page.

Interactive checklist — increase blog’s traffic

2. Not publishing frequently or consistently

A key ingredient to successful blogging is to publish frequently and consistently. 

Sometimes, companies set up a blog, send out a flurry of posts, and, going forward, their page languishes. An old, stale page isn’t appealing. 

Using the wrong name for your blog

When businesses put the focus on themselves, they often inadvertently get caught up in these self-accolades and neglect to think about who the blog is actually supposed to appeal to.

The focus should always be on the customer. At least 80% of the time. 

While it’s OK to throw in some telephone lists self-promotion here and there, using a blog as a podium to run an ongoing commercial is going to quickly turn your readers off.

To avoid this problem, focus your content on subjects your readers will find useful. What might they be interested in? What problems do they have that you can solve? 

Design your topics around helping buyers make their purchasing decisions and you’ll find far better blogging results.

Choosing the wrong topics

he fundamental purpose of blogging is to answer your customer’s questions. 

Unfortunately, many businesses that fail at blogging do so because they neglect to anticipate providing the information they want to know.

Ask your sales team what types of questions HN Lists customers most often have — these are all great potential blog topics.

Once you learn what top inquiries your company gets, aim to provide your audience with answers through steady blog posts.

Better yet, anticipate what they want to know and then give it to them before they ask. 

With enough blogging experience, combined with your industry expertise, you’ll learn how to provide the perfect topics people actively want to read about.


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