What are the stages of the buying journey?

The consumer’s purchase journey is part of the inbound marketing strategy, which has been changing the way of selling in the digital world. This process is designed to be less intrusive and target the right people for your business. In this article we are going to talk about what the shopping journey is and what are its stages. What is a buyer’s journey? The purchase journey is the path that the consumer takes to purchase . It serves to identify which stage the consumer is in and with that we can direct them until closing the purchase but before anything else we need to understand the consumer and what he is looking for on the internet, so it is important to define.

The persona of your business

Your target audience; desires, needs and consumption practices of this public. With this defined, it is easier to create a marketing strategy with interesting content to attract this audience and forward them to all stages of the shopping journey. Also read: how to distribute content on different channels and get much more reach continue reading to find out what Ireland Business Fax List the stages of the buying journey are. Stages of the buying journey learning in this first stage, the consumer still does not recognize that he has a problem or the need for your service or product. Therefore, to start attracting the customer, we must show the existence of the problem that your product or service can solve. Recognition here the consumer begins to identify problems and needs through searches and access to information.


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So we continue to show the existence of problems

But we can already start to show that there are solutions. Consideration after identifying that they have a problem, the consumer begins to consider the best solution to solve it. This is the phase where you show your options and why choosing your product or service HN Lists  is a solution to be considered. Decision finally, the decision phase, where the sale is made. Now is the time to show all the advantages and benefits that your product or service has to offer, for the consumer, after considering the market options, to choose yours. The purchase journey makes you create a relationship with the consumer and can be very advantageous for your business. This is just one of the many advantages of having a digital marketing strategy and a team to execute it.

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