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I don’t want to close the door to find clients and I don’t want my business to depend on friends and acquaintances who want to work with me because I really don’t like working for someone close to me ( can be problematic but I don’t want to be involved in ). To that end, when I started creating websites in the middle, I started to put a lot of effort into blogging, which is the best weapon for organic targeting of websites.

I have been a professional for years

 One of my goals is to enable people to find me on the web and want to actively hire me without having to beg clients in any latest database way. After nearly three years, I can say with pleasure that I have achieved my goals in many ways, but not without the time-consuming pickaxes and shovels, hey! That is why today I am visiting this humble blog again to give you a series of tips so that you can also target your site on it. On the attack!!!

I want to comment that it is very basic

 Stage of website design Directory index Keyword research Google Keyword Planner Super Suggestion Keyword surfer Reply to the public Write a URL #. Create broad content, but this adds value #. Optimized title(,..) #. Add Keywords to the entire content #. Use HN Lists multimedia content and optimize it! Prepare metadata meta-title meta-description #. Create good internal links #. Get inbound link( backlink) #.