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Most marketers and SEO pros focus the bulk of their SEO efforts on landing pages, but it’s crucial to fully optimize your product pages, as well. SEO product descriptions raise your chances of achieving an impressive search rank even higher.

Improved User Experience

Search engines like Google have come a long way since the early days of the internet and online shopping.

Choosing the right keywords isn’t enough anymore if you’re serious about improving your SERP ranking.

Your pages need to deliver a quality user experience on every level, and high-quality, fully optimized product pages help make that happen.

Higher Conversion Rates

It might be tempting to think of a simple, perfunctory product description as not carrying the same SEO weight that a long-form blog post or standalone web page might, but you shouldn’t.

Product descriptions are still web phone lists for sale content, so it’s essential to approach them with today’s best SEO practices in mind. Here are some individual points to consider when brainstorming SEO product descriptions for your website.

Writing for search engines means writing for people

Since most consumers are really only going to skim product descriptions (when they read them at all), many digital marketers tend to write them with Google in mind, as opposed to their customers. But keep in mind that Google is in the business of delivering search results that meet the needs of real, live people looking for answers.

Features and benefits are not the same things

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Ineffective SEO product descriptions tend to over-focus on features and barely even touch on benefits (if it mentions them at all). However, many digital marketers don’t see the difference between the two.

Features are informational snippets like measurements and possibly also vague manufacturer’s copy that promises generic positives like excellent quality HN Lists or fast shipping. On the other hand, benefits cover the unique advantages and perks customers will enjoy if they purchase this specific product.

Search engines like Google want to see you talking about benefits, not simply rehashing the same tired manufacturer’s descriptions posted on a million other websites.