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Generally speaking, business travel insurance does not provide protection based on the number of days of travel. Most of them are calculated in “years”, and the fees are also paid annually. And the age range covered is also wider, including the elderly.

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Commercial travel insurance can freely combine the protection benefits according to the different needs of various enterprises/organizations for business travel, and independently select the insurance amount to provide employees with comprehensive protection.

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for example
A frozen food company has about 10 employees who travel overseas for business. By purchasing business travel Special Database insurance, employees in the United States and Canada are covered. Employers liability insurance is up to RMB 1 million/accident, disease compensation is up to RMB 25,000/person, accidental death compensation is RMB 250,000/person, and RMB 2.5 million/accident. Such a policy only costs $2,850/year.√óDismiss this alert.

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How to apply for business travel insurance

The premiums for business travel insurance with such complete protection are actually not expensive. When evaluating, the number of people in the company who need to travel frequently will be counted. Therefore, large companies Canada Phone Number List with many employees may not necessarily have high premiums. If a company has 8-10 colleagues who need to travel for business, you only need to provide the number of employees and the countries they will travel to to get a quote. Generally, a premium of two to three thousand will provide very good protection.

The application process is also very simple. You only need to fill in the quotation form and wait for our specialists to give you a quotation. Once you apply for a policy, you will receive an insurance card with a 24/7 Travel Assistant contact number. You can also download an APP to find hotline numbers and apply for claims at any time. It is also very convenient to use.