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Development but the information must be segment. Reporting i.e. data visualization Monthly reporting in PDF and Excel format is a completely outdat solution. Today the necessary information can be combin for reporting through data visualization software which can flexibly connect different data sources and thus see the collect data in almost real time. For example Googles Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) supports numerous data sources such as Google Ads Google Analytics Facebook LinkIn and so on directly or with the

Help of paid connectors.

Looker Studio also supports any data that can be present in a tabular format – thus if ne all strategic information can be found in one and the same place. The advantages of such reporting also lie essentially in business email list the visual form in which the data can be present the development of the data collect over the course of a year is much easier for the human eye to visualize as a trend curve instead of a multi-line table. Ready-made report templates are available for Looker Studio but usually these do not meet the nes of the company

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 To a large extent what kind of solutions will be reach in terms of measurement. During the technical implementation phase possible third-party sites (such as booking systems or payment portals) must be taken into HN Lists account if they act as part of the same website user path. Measurement is especially relevant for B2B companies as just stat. Your organizations policy and legal environment in the processing of personal data also play an important role in technical solutions. Visitors must be clear about what information is