Why isn’t your brand’s Pinterest strategy working?

Why isn’t your, Some weak points of a strategy on Pinterest. Which can make the presence of our Brand unattractive on that social platform. 1. You have not completed your profile correctly It’s a matter of common sense. If people don’t know who you are. How do you expect them to follow you or interact with you. It is unfortunate to find (with the amount of information we have today) a large number of brands that do not have a complete profile on social networks. Pinterest is one of those that makes this task easier for you, you just have to provide a short description, verify your website and link your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. A very exhausting job, right? 2. You don’t know the tastes and needs of your target Not having a clear definition.

You have not completed your profile correctly

 Nobody understands the names of your boards Be original and creative, Why isn’t your. But don’t be extravagant. If only email contact list you understand the name of your boards, they will not be attractive to your audience. That is to say. They will not awaken in them the impulse to see what lies beyond. 4. The titles or descriptions of your pins don’t make sense A common mistake is not including a personalized title, and with keywords, in your pins. Or that when you pin your content, they only have a meaningless word or URL as their name. This is a very common error on countless websites. A lack of attention like that causes your brand’s content to lose part of its virality. I recommend reading: How to design more viral Pins? 5. Too much self-aggrandizement Sharing content on Pinterest.

You don't know the tastes and needs of your target

Contrary to popular belief, this will make us much more attractive and will benefit our own content in the HN Lists long run. The best thing is to have a strategy of varied and relevant content. Which provides added value and/or is of interest to our target. 6. You don’t balance pleasure with business Don’t forget that showing your products and services on Pinterest will be very important to increase traffic to your website and improve its conversion. Talking too much about leisure or pleasure in your Pinterest profile can distract you and your potential clients from the main objective of your Brand. Or, on the contrary, only talking about products and services will make you less attractive. Once again. Balance is the key to success. 7. You don’t pin at the right time If you only share your pins.

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