Why is it time to start a structured SEO strategy

You can get an idea of ​​the most important keywords for competing companies. These are some of the search terms that the company will also want to compete for. Optimizing the key pages of the site. This phase can also be consider a scouting and market analysis activity. Once you have identifi the keywords for which competitor sites are best position. It’s time to ask yourself why.

In addition to auditing keywords

That your competitors are ranking well for and where there is room for improvement. You should also look at the types of content they produce on a regular Business Database basis. Here are some of the questions to ask about the company: do you have a blog ? How much content do you publish daily. Weekly or monthly? How does it spread its expertise? From these simple questions. You can start to guide the company’s seo roadmap . 3) create seo goals and align teams while there are seo professionals who specialize in achieving business goals through organic search optimization.

Seo is a team effort

Business Database

In addition to being elements that search engines take into consideration to decide how to classify a page in relation to its relevance HN Lists for a specific keyword. They are also read by users and therefore play a key role in arousing curiosity in reading and opening the page. Seo strategy if your meta titles have never been optimiz. The advice is to manually review all the main pages to make sure they are optimiz for the keywords you want to rank for each page.

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