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Also try to make backups somewhere other than the site’s server, because if something were to happen to all the files that are on the server, the backups would be similarly damage. With a backup, you can restore the page exactly as it was at the time of the copy. 8. Check for sitemap.xml especially for multilingual site If you have a multilingual site, having a Sitemap is very important. This is a file that contains all the site URLs that were create when the site was create. Thanks to a Sitemap, search engines can index the site more efficiently because it has an overview of the available content with links to existing resources and a path to reach them.

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To create a sitemap, you first nee to decide and give to Google, creating a canonical version of each page. the format of the Sitemap to be use and then start working with special software or use simpler and faster alternatives that are available to phone number list everyone. 9. Avoid page errors The Error 404 error code is one of the most annoying things your visitors can encounter. In addition to a negative user experience, high bounce rates due to broken links can also negatively impact your SEO. If a user clicks on your page and leaves after just a few seconds, Google thinks your result doesn’t match the user’s intent.

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Therefore it will place your page lower in. Be sure to try to avoid such errors and reirect URLs with Reirect 301, which means permanent reirect to HN Lists another URL. To find such faulty pages, there are several sites on the web that will show you all the faulty pages through analysis. 10. Addition of Privacy Policy All website owners who collect data about their visitors must write a document on how this data is processe and publish this document on the site. As this is a document that is require by law, it is extremely important to have it.

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