When it comes to email marketing

 What to Put in Your Email Footer (+5 Examples We Love) Campaign Monitor – Apr 21. 2022 When it comes to email marketing. you probably spend most of your time thinking about the message you want to get across. You’re likely to focus your energy on crafting the perfect copy. as well as including compelling images. Don’t let your attention to the body of the email come at the expense of important structural elements. like footers. though. Email footers may not be the first thing you think of when creating emails to send to your subscribers. but they’re an essential piece of the puzzle.

The footer won’t get the attention

The footer won’t get the attention of your readers before they open the email. but it may be their last impression—especially if your readers are considering unsubscribing. A good email footer should include legal elements. tell your readers how to get in touch. and double down on your branding. A great one can email list unexpectly delight your audience and invite more interaction. Read on for instructions and examples to help you design an email footer that will strengthen your brand and improve your customers’ experience. What is an email footer? The footer of your email is locat at the very end of your email.

It comes after all the

 It comes after all the body content. including your email signature. It may be as basic as your company’s address and an unsubscribe link. or it might have useful details like contact information. social links. or legal disclaimers. A two-line email footer. The top line has three links: “Unsubscribe HN Lists From This Email – Manage All Notifications – Help”. The second line reads “Skillshare. 407 Broome Street. New York NY 10013”. Source Easily build sign-up forms that convert Easily build sign-up forms that convert Our easy-to-use tools help you build landing pages and sign-up forms to grow your lists. Learn More If you haven’t plann and standardiz your email footer. it’s past time to do so.