What is Surfactant?

urfactants are chemical compounds that actually have two properties at once, namely hydrophilic and hydrophobic in the same molecule. The two properties are very different, one can easily bind with water (hydrophilic). While the other has a very different nature by working to bind water, fat, and oil content. Well, the type of surfactant that is often used in various skincare products is usually hydrophobic. So it can lift dirt, oil, and excess fat from the surface of your facial skin. Some products that often use surfactants are facial wash, body wash, shampoo, and detergent. Apart from the packaging, a product that uses surfactants will have quite a lot of foam. Surfactants in Skincare parabens in cosmetics Although not all surfactants are hydrophobic and can cause irritation, the reputation of surfactants themselves in general is not very good, especially in the form of SLS.

Face prone to dryness and irritation

This is because hydrophobic surfactants, especially SLS, can lift oil from the face very strongly. So it will make the skin lose its own natural oils, making the face prone to dryness and irritation. But do surfactants really have that bad an impact on your skin? After all, this active ingredient is said to have properties that can dissolve and bind in water, right? Unfortunately, if the type of surfactant being discussed is SLS, then the answer is yes. SLS can make the skinĀ Netherlands Phone Number Data even drier and irritated, the effects will be worse for people with sensitive skin types. This is because normal skin has a protective membrane consisting of ceramides, fatty acids, and lipids with a normal pH.

Cosmetic brand name

However, in dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin, this protective membrane is very thin and fragile. So when using a cleanser with a fairly high SLS content, it can damage the pH balance of the skin, ultimately causing problems with the skin barrier. But the one that is widely praised is the one that is only made from aloe vera. Well, those are some things you need to pay attention to as a way to determine a cosmetic brand name that is attractive and easy to remember. Naming your cosmetic brand is certainly not an easy process. Sometimes it is very difficult to decide in just a day or two. It may Vietnam Phone Number List feel frustrating not to have a proper name for your cosmetic brand yet. But taking the time to do this is absolutely necessary.