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As a result of excellent search engine rankings improve organic traffic and site conversions where to start then? Here are 10 tips to start and improve your seo strategy immiately . Setting achievable goals. The 10 tips for getting What is an SEO results immiately let’s immiately move on to the best practices that will allow the site to improve its seo. 1) perform site analysis to identify technical and on-page issues the best activity to start with to launch an strategy is a crawl of the company website – or. To simplify. A scan – so as to check if there are problems that ne to be remi to maximize visibility.

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The possibility to scan the site : the site verification is a good starting point. However it can take some time to complete. Which is why it is B2b Leads recommend. In the meantime. To continue in parallel with the other  suggestions for improvement seo. 2) evaluate your competitors’ seo strategies this is a crucial aspect. Often overlook. At least in the early stages of the process. Analyzing your competitors’ seo strategies will help you set realistic goals for your website.

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To match searches to the keywords us. The meta title is a text that recalls the topic of the page. While the meta description is a summary HN Lists of the page in a few characters. Very often. Performing a site scan highlights seo problems that you were most likely not aware of before. A starting point for starting seo actions is precisely the review of meta titles and meta description .

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