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We will inform you  With the arrival of Royal Decree-Law 24/2021. Several provisions of consumer regulations were that already affect all self. Workers and companies since May 28, 2022. Among the developments in consumer matters, the increase in information that must be included in the digital commercial offers made by companies stands out. This is regardless of whether they are carried out by an SME, a large company or a self-employed person. This obligation affects everyone equally and it is very important to comply with it. Therefore, we are going to break down the changes that affect the mandatory information that this type of commercial offers must offer. You what is by the Law and begin to comply with it as soon as possible.

What information is mandatory in commercial offers

Article 20 of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users sets out the information that must include, at a minimum, a digital commercial offer of goods and/or services. As established in the aforementioned precept, commercial practices that, in a manner appropriate to the means of communication used, include information Namibia Phone Number List about the characteristics of the good or service and its price, enabling the consumer or user to make a decision about contracting, must contain certain information. Specifically, you must report : – Name, company name and complete address of the company/individual entrepreneur responsible for the commercial offer and, where applicable, name, company name and complete address of the company/individual entrepreneur on whose behalf it acts.

The essential characteristics of the good and/or service offered

Explained in a manner appropriate to its nature and the means of communication used. – The complete final price, including taxes. Breaking down, where applicable, the amount of increases or discounts that apply to the offer and additional expenses. If the Lebanon phone number price cannot exactly. The commercial offer, information must be provided on the calculation basis that allows the consumer or user to verify the price. If the amount of additional costs cannot for objective reasons. It that such additional costs exist. If their estimated amount.