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It is better to be organized and think month by month about a content schedule. Here are some things to get you organized: think about topics you want to talk about; use the help of a chestnut tree to list all special events and days; cover your main events or new releases; create a content theme (or a template) to offer your audience a unified guideline; create visuals with different formats depending on the networks you use; schedule your content in advance! In terms of publication cadence, nothing forces you to publish every day, on the contrary.

Post content when necessary or relevant

Otherwise, do it every other day or Monday and Thursday on one network, Tuesday on another, etc. It’s up to you to see the days and/or times during Israel WhatsApp Number List which your audience is reactive and present! 4. Recycle your content for more efficiency It is not ridiculous to think of recycling its contents . On the contrary, by using this method, you will see that the results can be surprising . Indeed, recycling your content allows you to save time and thus be more efficient . Of course, recycling it does not necessarily mean taking it back as is. You can revise the form, modify the text and/or the visual that accompanies it.

It will take you much less time because you

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Already have the idea and even the content! For example, a new service or product can be shared several times on your social networks. Recycling HN Lists content is also republishing the same post but on a different day or time of day. Your only risk of recycling your own content word for word and date for date is the algorithm. On social networks and especially LinkedIn, algorithms can penalize you by detecting this type of manipulation. But if you follow our advice, you take no risk! You can also use external content , for example, news related to your sector of activity, give advice on a related subject or even share your monitoring results.

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