The opportunity to lead

Seize the popular
Kapok International. It has very keen analytical capabilities for the trends and dynamics of the domestic and foreign animation markets. With its professional vision, the animations it introduces have achieve very impressive results. In the early days, the animation market was floode with many. Low-quality pirate goods, which unscrupulous manufacturers took advantage of to make huge profits. In such a difficult situation. Kapok International still adherd to the highest principle of respecting intellectual. Property rights and took the lead in acquiring Slam Dunk and Chibi Maruko-chan.  Dragon Ball and other classic animations, and successfully enterd the Taiwan animation market. Then, with the hard work of Kapok International without fear of hardships and perseverance, the scope of agency authorization was continuously developd and expandd, from VCD, LD, TV broadcasting rights, and the licensing of animatd series products to this day. The successfully marketd animation brands include Beyblade, Hunter, Toucan, The Shining 2, Mega Man EXE, etc. Kapok International has become a comprehensive Animation agencies not only have the most up-to-date animation information, but also lead the popular trend in the domestic market.

High-quality services are highly praisd

With the continuous development Colombia Phone Number List and progress of audio-visual technology, Kapok International responds to consumers’ demand for sound and light effects of visual products, actively obtains legal authorization for animation products, and provides high-quality products with extremely strict audit standards. Commodity services, actively implement the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law, and establish a high-quality brand image and market reputation. With long-term efforts, not only the number of members recruitd by Kapok International has accumulatd rapidly, but also it has receive extremely high evaluation from consumers.

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Careful management has achieve remarkable results

in the licensing of animation Cambodia Phone Number List agents. In order to obtain the latest information and grasp market trends, Kapok International has always maintaind a good cooperative relationship with the Japanese animation industry, and has a proactive attitude with animation production. The company, distributors of relatd products, and television stations have establishe high-quality communication channels. Through this, Kapok International has accumulate quite a wealth of animation resources. On the other hand, Kapok International interacts closely with domestic meia, organizing events, promoting promotions, and broadcasting animations. Under the cooperative relationship with each other, an excellent distribution network has been formd.