What Is Digital Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Advertising

That said, the more  you can make your SEO product descriptions, the better. Use short, concise sentences. Break up the text with elements like headings, line breaks, bullet lists, and (where appropriate) pictures.

Use smart keywords wisely

Choose keywords and search phrases that carry a high likelihood of helping your product pages rank. Naturally, no one is going to stop you from using highly competitive keywords, but you’ll get better results with examples that are frequently searched without being prohibitively competitive.

Never stuff your descriptions with keywords. Instead, sprinkle them throughout your text in contexts that feel natural and comfortable. And don’t forget to add them to titles, URLs, and metadata, as well as interlink relevant pages together when it makes sense.

Make your words count

Remember, people don’t consume SEO product descriptions the same way they might a personal essay from a favorite creative writer or a helpful blog post telephone list biz that answers a burning question they’ve had for a while. They’ll scan the content for what they need to know, and then maybe they’ll read that part.

SEO product descriptions aren’t the place to get wordy or overly prolific, as you’ll risk losing your reader. Stick to meaningful, authoritative writing that gets straight to the point and serves its purpose.

How Long Should SEO Product Descriptions Be?

Content length is a significant factor to consider when optimizing for Google and the rest of the search engines. Again, it’s important not to assume that rule doesn’t apply to product descriptions because it absolutely does.

High Awareness Buyers

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These buyers are in the market for a product that may be more complex, less common, or completely new to many members of the target audience. Some consumers may be completely unaware of the fact that they need it at all. Examples might include software as a service (SaaS) products or advanced skincare items.

These buyers do need to know more about the HN Lists product before they can be convinced to buy it. Keep things as brief as you can, but be as descriptive as you need to be to bring the customer up to speed on what the product does and why they need it.

In other words, product description length should always fit the customer’s needs. The less they need to hear about your product to be convinced to buy it, the shorter your description should be.