Why isn’t your brand’s Pinterest strategy working?

Why isn’t your, Some weak points of a strategy on Pinterest. Which can make the presence of our Brand unattractive on that social platform. 1. You have not completed your profile correctly It’s a matter of common sense. If people don’t know who you are. How do you expect them to follow you or interact with you. It is unfortunate to find (with the amount of information we have today) a large number of brands that do not have a complete profile on social networks. Pinterest is one of those that makes this task easier for you, you just have to provide a short description, verify your website and link your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. A very exhausting job, right? 2. You don’t know the tastes and needs of your target Not having a clear definition.

You have not completed your profile correctly

 Nobody understands the names of your boards Be original and creative, Why isn’t your. But don’t be extravagant. If only email contact list you understand the name of your boards, they will not be attractive to your audience. That is to say. They will not awaken in them the impulse to see what lies beyond. 4. The titles or descriptions of your pins don’t make sense A common mistake is not including a personalized title, and with keywords, in your pins. Or that when you pin your content, they only have a meaningless word or URL as their name. This is a very common error on countless websites. A lack of attention like that causes your brand’s content to lose part of its virality. I recommend reading: How to design more viral Pins? 5. Too much self-aggrandizement Sharing content on Pinterest.

You don't know the tastes and needs of your target

Contrary to popular belief, this will make us much more attractive and will benefit our own content in the HN Lists long run. The best thing is to have a strategy of varied and relevant content. Which provides added value and/or is of interest to our target. 6. You don’t balance pleasure with business Don’t forget that showing your products and services on Pinterest will be very important to increase traffic to your website and improve its conversion. Talking too much about leisure or pleasure in your Pinterest profile can distract you and your potential clients from the main objective of your Brand. Or, on the contrary, only talking about products and services will make you less attractive. Once again. Balance is the key to success. 7. You don’t pin at the right time If you only share your pins.

Facebook changed the algorithm and now I have to pay or what do I do?

Facebook changed, Should we close our Facebook page or pay to have more visibility? Last week, or perhaps the week before, Facebook changed the algorithm. Another change in their organic reach algorithm and they go… well, the truth is that we have already lost count. With this movement carried out by the main social network worldwide, what many social media professionals already knew is confirmed: now a publication from a Facebook page has organic visibility quotas that are almost laughable. The easiest conclusion to reach, after so many changes, is that Facebook is strangling the unpromoted or unpaid reach of a business page’s updates, in order to encourage or push the administrators of the same to hire your ads. So, now do I have to pay for visibility.

Should we close our Facebook page or pay to have more visibility?

First of all, don’t rush into doing things that could end up harming you. I am not a fan of this social network, but top people data I think that before drawing conclusions we should reason together for a moment on the subject. Facebook changed, I would like to remember that every day there are fewer companies that only use a social network as part of their online strategy, because each of these platforms can provide an audience and some benefits +/- different from the others. In addition, and personally I think it is the most important thing here, Facebook has still not stopped being an excellent branding tool for many brands and the economical and effective nature of its paid advertising, compared to other similar options, continues to be for many the reason for having or maintaining your company page.

When should you consider paying for more visibility on Facebook?

Come on, for just €5 more than 1,000 people can see you, segmenting by location and interests, it is not a possibility very available to other online promotion channels. Although on a negative note we could say that with this exaggerated cut, the difference between large and small companies has increased and, in some things in particular, I have noticed a great decrease in the web traffic that Facebook provides to the detriment of other networks such as Twitter. , Pinterest or Google+. What do I plan to tell my clients now HN Lists about their presence or strategy on Facebook? To pay or not to pay, to be there or not to be there… the issue is quite clear, although complex at the same time. If Facebook has been and is a good platform for your brand.

What should you keep in mind when starting a business blog?

What should you, A business blog, with a content strategy that provides quality information or added value to our readers (current and potential clients) and at the same time can be attractive to search engines, will be one of the best ways to obtain an increase in traffic. considerable towards our company website. But this does not end here. That same blog will also be an excellent communication tool and a cornerstone for all of our Brand’s activity on social networks. He will provide his own quality content to share on our social profiles, thus guaranteeing us another additional factor of traffic and web positioning. Remember that both content and social media are two very important variables for Google’s search algorithms.

Write for your audience

Write for your audience When designing the Content What should you, strategy for your company’s blog, you must be email leads very clear about the audience (target audience) to which the content will be directed. 2. Theme (relevant to your Brand and its Target) You have defined your audience, now it’s time to investigate what their interests are. It is necessary to choose a theme (main theme and subthemes) relevant to your brand, as well as attractive to your target. What am I going to talk about? 3. Be careful with grammar/spelling Even if you have created a post with a lot of quality information, your audience will not bother to read until the end, unless they clearly understand what you have written in it. Using an excess of technical words and Anglicisms,

Be careful with grammar/spelling

What you say and, above all, how you say it is of fundamental importance to the HN Lists success of a business blog. Your posts should tell mini stories, or provide simple descriptions of your products and services, that arouse the interest of your target audience and that are also easy to read and understand. 5. Informative and original posts Your content must offer relatively original and quality information (added value) , to give the reader the feeling that they will be able to find the answer to their needs on your company’s blog. Also remember that Google penalizes duplicate content. This does not mean that you cannot use some information from other blogs or websites. But if you do, always check if that content can be freely manipulated by third parties.

How to achieve a more attractive and social social media strategy

How to achieve, Social networks are a very useful communication and promotion channel for almost any type of modern company. For this reason. It is not unusual to see these days many brands trying to stand out from the rest (or at least be a little more visible. In that vast ocean that is the Internet).  Thanks to the implementation of a social media marketing strategy. In the same way. Tt is not very rare to find some companies with boring. Bland or lifeless profiles. That is to say. They cannot find a way back to social networks. We have already talked a lot about why a strategy can fail or how to improve the one we already have. Although today we will try to get to the root of the matter. Because I think that the drawback that some brands have is that they fail in the most basic issues of all this.

Don't just be a bulletin board

What I want to say with all this previous tirade is that the crux of the matter is that we did not know how to email database understand from the start that it is a + SOCIAL issue. Even though it is called marketing… How to achieve. What I continue trying to explain to you is that there are many Sometimes the basic and simple is the best and if you screw up in that, in the basics. Maybe then you will also fail in everything else (domino effect). So, if your technical part is good. But your efforts in social networks still do not bear the fruits you want. It is most likely that the key to changing your results is to start by rethinking your entire social media plan or strategy from the ABC. . The ABCs of a social media marketing plan – Infographic.

Convey a sufficiently clear message

There is little chance that a traditional advertisement will gain virality on social media. HN Lists Unless it is a controversial and/or provocative topic. If all the promotional work of your company. And that of its products and services. seeks to be more seductive. then it should be integrated into a general content strategy that provides added value to your social community (your followers, fans, clients or potential clients) . The people who make up your Target will feel more attracted to interact with your brand if it regularly provides them with extra quality (informative, educational entertaining fun, etc.) . Because for a large majority of social media users this added value is the only incentive that can motivate them to share, comment or give their like, favorite etc.

Is our Twitter strategy failing How could we avoid it

 Within the range of existing social media platforms. Twitter is one of the tools that best allows companies or professionals to communicate almost instantly with their target audience. Furthermore. If we have decided on social customer service. Twitter should be our main option. Both to interact with current and potential customers. One of the things that is also very easy to happen on Twitter is for our compass to break down and for our company’s entire strategy on that social network to begin to lose direction. This common inconvenience can lead our Brand to take small false steps. Giving us fast communication. But inevitably very poorly focused.

9 very common mistakes on Twitter

In a previous post we saw 9 tips for hotels new to Twitter . But, although your job function email list business profile has been around for some time on that social network. You are not getting good interaction. Is your Twitter crashing? For that reason. Today we have to detect the why: 9 common mistakes on Twitter that will make your strategy fail and how to try to avoid them #Infographic 1) Our Twitter profile Error: Having an incomplete profile and/or tweeting irrelevant things. A high percentage of people read your profile and take a look at what you usually tweet before following you and/or interacting with your brand. If they don’t find clear information about who you are and what you do or see a couple of dodgy and irrelevant tweets.

It is fashionable to be grateful

How to try to avoid it: first you need to make sure that your Twitter profile is correctly complete and then HN Lists try to always have relevant and quality content on it (much more so now that.  When changing the visual style of Twitter profiles.  There are some tweets that are see in prominent places or in larger letters) . A quality content strategy increases the number of followers and retweets and also attracts more traffic to your website. 2) Hashtags Error: Excessive use of Hashtags. Using Hashtags in your tweets is a very good practice. But when you abuse them too much. Things change. This is a very common mistake on Twitter. Which can also be an annoying distraction for your clients (diverting their attention from the link we want them to click) . Because it makes your followers dizzy or makes your tweets unattractive. How to avoid it.