20 Freelance Business Ideas in 2023

When interviewing customers, make sure to ask questions that are related to their goals, challenges, business, job role, personal background, and more.

If you opt to base your personas off of assumptions instead of facts, you run the huge risk of missing some of the most important insights that can have a positive impact on your messaging and customer relationships.

3. Creating Personas in a Marketing Bubble

It isn’t uncommon for businesses to assume that buyer personas are only marketing-related. However, this is a huge mistake, as these types of personas are almost always inaccurate.

Buyer personas should be created and used across all departments in the company.

The marketing team will use buyer personas


This data will inform you of your customer’s pain points, communication preferences, their business objectives, their motivations, and more.

This information is incredibly helpful in the call lists for sale development of your buyer personas as well as your marketing campaigns. However, if you fail to create actionable insights that match this data, you are losing out on a huge opportunity.

For instance, if you find in your research that your customers tend to check their emails early in the afternoon, then you will need to ensure you are sending your emails at this time of day. 

This helps ensure that your email is at the top of their inbox when they get on for the first time that day.

By knowing how your customers behave, why they behave that way, and what they prefer, you can then address those points more effectively. 

You can build a stronger customer relationship and experience as well.

Not Updating Your Personas

Failing to revisit your buyer personas regularly will result in your marketing campaigns being a step behind and one of the biggest buyer personas mistakes.

Plus, your business changes as well. Whether it is launching a new product or exploring a new market, your business will grow and change over time.

The same is true with your customers. The way HN Lists  your customers think, where they get their information, how they buy, the apps they use, and their overall expectations and needs will change.

Basically, when it comes to all of these things, changes can occur as often as the seasons change.

To ensure that your marketing efforts continue to be as effective as the day you launched your campaigns, you must take the time to review your buyer personas.