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This lack of scalability makes it impossible for larger businesses to handle an influx of data effectively. The solution is to use a data integration tool that can be scalable at its very onset.

In fact, some of the best IT experts state that scalability needs to be at the forefront of designing and implementing data integration tools.

In addition, you must prepare for your business expansion and anticipate data integration needs ahead of time. For instance, if you know your company will soon acquire another business, choose the strongest data points from those businesses and integrate them with your own ahead of time.

Understand the state of your data

This ensures that you’re getting only useable data and not suffering from errors during the transformation and loading process of ETL.

If you run a smaller business and rely on buy phone lists manual integration, you can still do quality assurance checks with the help of a trained data quality management specialist. However, as stated before, this can only work for so long before it becomes too time-consuming and too repetitive of a task that cannot catch all errors 100% of the time.

It’s best to begin looking at useful data integration tools and data quality management tools as well.

Duplicated data can cost your company

didn’t work, you might find yourself using that exact same campaign again to no avail.

The increased cost of labor and man-hours to contact customers repeatedly. For instance, your sales representative might continue to call a customer without knowing they’ve already been contacted.

Cluttered data that leads to an increase in HN Lists data storage unnecessarily, leading to lag times and a disorganized business.

To help address these issues, make data de-duplication a priority. On platforms such as  for instance, there are lots of de-duplication features such as the ability to merge data, quality checks, and recognizing missing information.