The holidays are coming, do you already have

How does requesting vacations work in your company? Is it done at the beginning of the year? Who chooses first? There are many questions that come to mind when talking about this topic. At this time, vacations are approaching for many, the long rest is just around the corner. We are in summer !

At these times in which we find ourselves, the majority of workers already have their vacations, although it is also true that the crisis, the well-known crisis that is plaguing the world’s economies and the closest ones, those of our home, means that they are many destinations still available.

Those in charge of organizing and collecting

All the information about employees’ vacation requests are the human resources departments. It is not an easy task because they must agree with all those responsible for each work team and in many companies that is many people, which has its advantages but also its disadvantages.

One of the most typical problems is the coincidence between Email List two or more workers who want the same dates . In these cases it will have to be in the best way to benefit the parties. In summer everyone usually wants the same dates.

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There must always be allocation criteria

To have a justification when distributing vacation days. In many companies seniority usually prevails , in others they are by the conciliation law which says that if there are coincidences in dates, workers with family responsibilities will have preference first, secondly those with greater seniority and finally those with greater seniority in the company. category. Another formula is to do a draw , which for many people is unfair.

The perfect alternative does not exist because these situations India Email List will always occur. The ideal is for everyone to do their part and reach a consensus. We must try to conciliate all groups of workers and not just for a few (for example, those who benefit from the conciliation law).

It’s complicated, we are not going to deny the evidence. If we all look back, a few years ago, the month of August was the month par excellence, and it is true that now vacations can be enjoyed throughout the year and many choose low season periods. Many companies therefore allow you to enjoy vacations throughout the year and thus the problem becomes less of a problem.