Phone numbers public information

Phone numbers are considered personal information and are generally protected by privacy laws. However, there are circumstances where phone numbers can be considered public information and may be used for marketing purposes, such as telemarketing or SMS marketing. In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates telemarketing.

Phone numbers can be considered public information

These rules include the requirement that telemarketers must have prior express written consent from the individual before making any telemarketing Australia Phone Number List calls. Sending SMS messages to that individual’s phone number. However, there are instances where phone numbers can be obtained. Legally and used for marketing purposes without obtaining prior consent. For example, phone numbers that are publicly listed in phone directories.

While the use of phone numbers for marketing purposes

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As long as the individual has not opted out of receiving telemarketing calls or SMS messages. In addition there are companies HN Lists that compile lists of phone numbers from various sources, such as public records, and sell them to marketers for use in their campaigns. These lists are often referred to as “cold calling lists or spam lists.