You on google: why is your website the heart of your marketing?

A website is one of the main digital marketing tools to get a good position on google, that is, so that when someone searches for your niche market, or about the product/service you offer, your business appears in the first place. Search engine results page. But what is digital marketing anyway? Find out here. How does it work? Through content marketing. Digital marketing is a set of strategies that focus on promoting a company, professional or product on the internet. Content marketing is one of these strategies, which consists of producing informative and quality content that helps the public answer a question or solve a problem. The website is a very important part of content marketing.

That’s because, in addition to hosting your blog

Where you can share strategic content, the site also receives conversion mechanisms, such as landing page links, that will bring you closer to your future customer and lead them through the purchase journey. And it doesn’t stop there: the secret of all this is in another strategy, called seo. In the next topic we explain everything about it. Seo: the marketing Australia Business Fax List strategy behind a website well ranked by google we already know that content marketing is a strategy that helps google find your website and indicate it to anyone looking for information about your niche market. What we are going to explain to you now is how seo is included in this. The acronym seo is an abbreviation of search engine optimization, which means “website optimization for search engines”.


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Seo is a set of techniques that uses

Among other resources, keywords that your audience may be searching for. The goal is to make it easier for google to find your site and present it on the first page of search. But just quit putting keywords in everything? No. Content remains king. There is no point HN Lists  in applying seo techniques correctly without quality, informative, well-written content focused on your potential client, that is, your persona. How to start a digital marketing strategy that works? Find out by clicking here. Your website on google: the heart of your marketing producing relevant content that attracts and converts qualified leads is an excellent way to achieve good results in your business. Digital marketing goes far beyond technique and strategy. It’s a set of actions designed with a total focus on your persona, and your website is the center of it all.