Surfactant Content in Skincare

No matter how healthy and beautiful a person’s skin. They should at least have moisturizer, facial foam/facial wash, and sunscreen in their wardrobe. These three skincare products are very basic types, one works to remove dirt and excess oil, the second will help moisturize the face and nourish the skin, while the third will help protect against the bad effects of excessive sun exposure. The most and certainly owned by everyone is a face cleanser, or in this case facial soap. It makes sense, considering the hot and super humid climate of Indonesia, who likes to leave their face dirty and full of sweat all day? Of course not. Most people will admit to loving washing their face because of the healthy, clean sensation it gives them.

Natural ingredient?

But this sensation of tight and ‘clean’ skin actually shows. That the natural moisture on your facial skin is also gone. Imagine if after washing your face once you experience this, then what if you wash your face several times a day? This effect is produced by the surfactant content in facial cleansers, one of the most commonly used types is SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Are you familiar with this natural ingredient? Especially considering that surfactants ¬†France Phone Number Data are often mentioned as ingredients that should be avoided by those with dry and sensitive skin. What exactly is meant by surfactants and what is their role in skincare formulas. Bamboo Shooting Gel Another type of shooting gel that you can try is the one made from bamboo.

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Rose Water Shooting Gel

Yes, this product will help moisturize the skin, reduce inflammation, and also treat sensitive and irritated skin. You can use it as a daily treatment at night and in the morning, so that the results you get can be more optimal. Rose Water Shooting Gel Imagine the sensation of using a shooting gel with a calming and pleasant scent of roses. Yep! This is what you get by using rose water as the base ingredient of your moisturizing gel. As you know, rose water has a variety Singapore Phone Number List of interesting functions. This natural ingredient will help moisturize the skin, soothe the skin. Overcome and prevent the appearance of signs of aging, and can also fight acne and blackheads! After reading all about shooting gel above, is there anything new you can get from this article.