Psychology and transsexuality

That is if he has some pathological basis that also prevented him from being aware of the crime he was committing. And if he has a “reasonable degree of understanding and common sense” to have a lawyer. As well as “sufficient mental clarity” to understand the consequences of the judicial process. To do this, the expert may be required to quickly evaluate the person. Under investigation and ask him the four obligatory questions in this regard (“does the accused understand.

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The report and the outputs Regarding the general characteristics of the forensic report, in any case, Laguna detailed four articles Phone Number List of the Deontological Code that determine important aspects in its application as forensic psychologists. It must explain “in a technical manner but as clearly as possible” its scope and temporality. Its preparation can be rejected if there are “certainties” that it can be used improperly Art.

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About using devaluing labels such as ‘abnormal’, ‘inappropriate’, ‘deficient’, etc. (Art. 12 CD). And, “without prejudice to Indonesia Phone Number List scientific criticism,” one cannot fall into the “discrediting” of colleagues or institutions that use scientific techniques similar to those of the report. Something quite important and delicate in cases of counter-reports, Laguna stressed. After explaining the fundamental parts of the report model of the General Council of Psychology of Spain (also called the General Council of Official Colleges of Psychologists or COP), the teacher recalled the two main professional opportunities in this field.