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Taking into account the conclusion, micro-segmentation of the market and customers seems to be inevitable. Even though it may seem difficult. It will require appropriate public relations strategies and activities . Differentiate marketing will also come to the fore. The million-dollar question is – to what extent will it be possible to meet the huge nees of customers in micro-segments in Poland? Brand rebranding – communication strategy for the SQD Alliance brand January 16, 2021 Changing the name and logotype is often a big communication challenge for the brand.

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When to make a presentation? And also how to communicate the changes that have occurre? These are just some of the questions we answere while creating the strategy – rebranding for the Team Prevent brand (currently SQD Alliance). You can whatsapp mobile number list only make a first impression once. That is why it is so important to choose the right tools and messages. About the SQD Alliance brand SQD Alliance provides services and solutions in the field of broadly understood security, environmental protection, health, IT solutions, production support and quality for many industries, including manufacturing, automotive, food, construction, energy and service industries.

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From the level of a company employing a dozen or so people at the beginning, the SQD Alliance team has now grown to nearly 150 specialize HN Lists employees. SQD Alliance is truste by over 2,000 enterprises and institutions, and the number of people traine in 2019 alone was over 17,000. Challenges for Commplace – Brand rebranding Our main task was to create a communication strategy for the changes taking place in the company. How to properly present the new branding to reach customers and potential customers.