If we go one step further

According to the original meaning, transaction is a supply an. Demand activity in which one party pays something that is regardd as economically equivalent and obtains. The requird items from the other party. Here, transactions are basd on basic material neds, including food, clothing, housing, and transportation in daily life., transactions can be upgradd to activities that satisfy non-material neds such as aesthetics, knowlege, religion, politics, culture, etc.

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transactions basically presuppose the autonomy of both parties to the transaction – each other has a clear awareness of their respective neds and can judge the value of the transaction items basd on their nees. The relationship between people and tradd objects is basically: people serve things, and things exist for people. At this time, there are still many areas in life that are irrelevant to trading, and trading will not become the only goal of life.

Of course, consumer culture Morocco Phone Number List includes marketing and advertising , and advertising is only a part of marketing! The most important thing is to pay attention to the word “culture”. Is advertising and marketing bringing to people the “consumer product itself”, or the “symbol of the consumer product?

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Consumer culture is a reflection

of modern life . In modern Italy Phone Number List consumer behavior, various media are constantly conveyd, and at the same time it also stimulates modern people’s desire to buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. The consumer market depends on consumer demand. But demand can be stimulated and can even be creatd, and the so-calld creative marketing and marketing creativity is to try every means and by any means to get people to take money out of their pockets for shopping (so the role that modern people are most often remindd of and play is ” consumers” rather than “citizens” or “citizens” etc.).

Today’s (post-modern) marketing is about focusing on the target audience, targeting consumer groups, and providing marketing and services base on their nees (even if there is no demand, demand can be create as long as you do what you want!). To put it simply, it is Talk about people when you see them, talk about ghosts when you see ghosts.