If it continues to say something like

If it continues to say  If you continue browsing we understand that you accept our cookies”, then it does not comply with the regulations. You have to make modifications as soon as possible. In this article we explain what you have to modify to ensure that your website is 100% compliant regarding cookies. Privacy Shield Repeal Even today it is quite common to read in the Privacy Policy of some websites, or in the contracts of some companies, that both their suppliers and themselves comply with the Privacy Shield. It was in July 2020 when the Court of Justice of the European Union repealed the Privacy Shield .

It was the agreement between

The EU and the US that allowed transfers of personal data of Europeans to American companies that had signed said agreement. Since that date, it has become very complicated to be able to transfer personal data from Europeans to companies Costa Rica Phone Number List in the United States in compliance with the Law that affects us (the RGPD). We explain it in this video on our YouTube channel . We recommend that you consult us before basing your business on international data transfers. Depending on what data and how it is to be transferred, certain measures will have to be taken and, in some cases, transfers may become unfeasible.

Obligation to appoint a Data Protection Officer

The Government approved the draft bill to transpose Directive 2019/1937, known as the Whistleblowing Directive. We give all the details in this article . The text of the draft bill indicates that among the entities required in the private sector to have an India phone number internal communications system will be all natural and legal persons that have 50 or more employees . It is also that they will to have a Data Protection Officer. Entities to have an internal communications system. External third parties that, if applicable, manage this internal communications system. If the Spanish Parliament approves the text of the preliminary draft as it is or with minor variations, then companies with 50 or more employees will be obliged to appoint a DPO.