How to make an “Influencer” smile

Do you want to know how I got a link from Alex Navarro and a mention from Carlos Bravo and another from Paco Viudes ? Well here you have it. It’s a shame that it won’t work for you anymore, at least with them. But it will help you open new horizons to explore. table of Contents First, the moral What this post should NOT be used for Why should this post be useful to yoFor that, I would like this post to be useful to you . If that’s the case, then great. At the end you will find a link to some articles that I published on my company blog about how to improve your creative capacity. I assure you that it is not advertising, I do not want to sell you anything. I think the articles are fun and useful.

First, the moral

The first thing I want you to know is the reason why this trick has worked for me and why category email list it may no longer work for you: because of the surprise factor and originality . Therefore, just by publishing this post, the trick will lose value. Sorry, it is what it is, I hope you get another benefit from the post. What this post should NOT be used for Of course, I don’t think it will help you much if you do it with Alex Navarro, Carlos Bravo or Paco Viudes, which are the three with whom I have tried my luck. You can’t surprise them with this trick anymore,

Why should this post be useful to you?

What I do think (rather I would like) that this post should serve is so that you understand the importance of Creativity, even if you are neither a designer nor an advertiser . Personally, I understand creativity as the ability to find unusual approaches to HN Lists everyday or very common things, situations or aspects . It is about the ability to break with the schemes that you already have or that others impose on you and see reality in your own way and in a different and open way.

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