How to build the URL so that the link reaches them that way?

To build the URL so that the data appears in your Analytics, you have to access the “Google Analytics URL Builder” and complete the data so that it generates the URL. This is a mechanism that Google Analytics offers you so that you can control, as a Webmaster, what traffic you receive from which campaigns. For example, if you place an ad in the newspaper, you can use this to identify the visits that come to you from the newspaper. (Of course, that’s what it’s for. But since we’re creative, we invented another way to use it.)

My typical “final conclusions”

Never demand. This is a way to get attention but you have no right to demand anything from the Blogger. Nor does top industry data it assure you that he has seen it, so if you don’t get a benefit, you will never know if it is because he didn’t want to or because he doesn’t look at that section of the analytics. Leave the link even if you don’t get a response. Whether you get a response or not, I recommend that you leave the link to their website. It will give him a little point in terms of SEO and perhaps some traffic. Who knows if he won’t realize it in a while and then you will get your reward.

Create your own tricks

It is not a question of who knows more but a question of who is more mischievous or who is more “attentive” to reality. Allow yourself to experiment, break with the pre-established. I take this opportunity to remind you that, on the Graphic Group Blog , you can find a series of articles that I HN Lists wrote about creativity and how to train it . Are funny. END! As always, my posts are great. If you’ve made it this far, I don’t consider myself entitled to ask you to leave me any comments, even though it would be so cool and comforting and make me so happy…