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Address concerns, pain points, preferences, interests, or anything else you discover along the quiz funnel, and make this a new part of your content marketing strategy. Look for developing trends as well.

How to Create a Quiz Funnel

Your quiz funnel creation needs to be strategic, with the goal of leading consumers along a pathway that makes sense and can speak to their interests. 

Software today can help you create the funnel pathway itself, so find one to help you easily set it up and get it out faster.

More specifically, follow these guidelines.

1. Design the Best Quiz You Can

To create a successful quiz, ensure that it first and foremost represents your brand and is relevant to your products or services.


Here are more tips to help you design the best quiz you can

Keep all questions as straightforward and easy to follow as possible, so you don’t lose participants along the way.

Mix up the question types to keep engagement high.

Avoid complicated call lists words or phrases, and stick with clear, simple language.

Only include questions that relate to your products and services.

Make quiz responses easy, such as true or false or multiple choice.

Keep the quiz as short as possible, with anywhere between 10 and 20 questions.

Make it highly entertaining by including visual features, such as videos, gifs, or images in the questions or answers themselves.

Incorporate Lead Generation Forms

Design your results page layout and the different scenarios that can play out. Make it enticing and exciting for participants, personalizing it as much as possible.

In addition, provide reasons why each participant receives the results they do and what that can mean for them personally. 

You might also want to provide a HN Lists breakdown of their responses to remind them how they answered and to provide specific feedback.

In an engaging way, offer them support, advice, and guidance, all while showing them how your products or services can help.

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