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TikTok ads examples StarStable Entertainment’s Create an in-fee ads This online horse adventure game use TikTok to increase in-app registrations in Germany and the U.S. They use attention-grabbing lines in the first few seconds of their in-fee ads so viewers didn’t get bore and scroll away. and also made sure to localize the language of their ads ads place in Germany were. you guesse it. in German. Video Player 00.00 00.18 SEEQ’s spark ads Protein powder startup brand SEEQ use Spark ads to boost their organic content. They made behind-the-scenes videos and product-focuse content the same kind of content that they already made for their 30k followers and paid to have those videos shown to more people who were more likely to buy their product.

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Video Player  NEST New York’s Black Friday ads. Perfume company NEST New York use TikTok’s catalogue ad feature to promote their products. and make it easier and quicker for consumers to buy their products. According to Google Analytics. of folks who visited their website from TikTok were new meaning they were reaching a fresh audience of interested consumers. L’Oréal’s influencer marketing b2b email list L’Oréal use influencer marketing and the TikTok Made Me Buryat hashtag to advertise their products. They sent 200 influencers a box of their merch and use. the videos that the influencers made in their campaign. According to TikTok. this resulted in the highest sell-out for.

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b2b email list

L’Oréal Video Player Sweep TARTS’s. Brande film festival The Brande film festival held by Sweep. TARTS resulted in short film entries each entry was labeled. With Sweep TARTS Film Entry and tagged Swee. TARTS Candy in order to be considered. This was a super creative way to spread brand recognition and. Encourage users to generate their own content while also serving the brand. Video Player TikTok HN Lists advertising best practices Ads on TikTok. Are very similar to regular TikToks except for the cute little. Detail that you have to pay for them. of course.

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