Benefit from artificial intelligence

Collect about them how long it is kept and which parties have access to the information . Data must therefore be collect in accordance with the law and with respect for the users consent and unnecessary or personal data collect without consent must not be forward to analytics solutions . Paying attention to privacy settings is a critical part of the technical setup of the measurement. The implementation of visitor tracking requires for the technical installation of analytics that we ask for the consent of the visitor to the online service and set the conditions for the implementation of various visitor tracking and marketing tracking codes. Read more

The new guidelines for cookie

Tracking are publications – is your cookie practice up to date It is also very important to take into account the limitations of analytics platforms for example in identifying campaign traffic . In practice this b2b leads means that traffic coming from outside the site must be mark with UTM parameters. By taking this into account from the beginning we ensure that for example all campaign traffic of advertising channels is clearly visible in the analytics reports. Many details are also taken into account in the technical implementation which will

Facilitate the use and

Interpretation of reports in the future. This means for example tidying up reports (e.g. removing possible unnecessary query parameters from side reports) and filtering irrelevant traffic from the collect data (e.g. traffic from developers and internal company HN Lists traffic. If the website has clearly different user groups (e.g. logg in and non-logg in) it makes sense to enable the data of these user groups to be view as separate entities. Looking at a large mass of data rarely tells us sufficiently precisely about the nes relat to

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