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At SDM we design the bases of reporting together with the customer so that they become truly usable for you and your team. When planning the reporting perspectives for example is taken into account The management teams nes in terms of online service and marketing The nes of the marketing director in terms of understanding the online service and marketing as a whole As well as the wishes of people dealing with marketing measures such as campaigns on a daily basis for more detail information (for example down to

The level of a single keyword or ad

Read also Marketing Dashboard and the benefits it brings to the company Continuous analysis & optimization Even if the groundwork i.e. a plan for data collection data integrity and reliability and unambiguous and easily accessible visual reporting have been done measurement will not help the business to develop unless the business lead process of measurement leads to continuous analysis and thus optimization. In continuous analysis and optimization we strive to find reasons for the different development trends of the instrument panel . As an answer to the question why did the sales of our online store decrease last month

Because Facebook was not working

Well is usually not suitable. The truth has to be dug deeper and this means segmenting the whole down to e.g. campaign audience device or landing page level. In the analysis phase it is essential to form questions and especially HN Lists so what repeating the question so long that we also have an understanding of why a certain question is ask and what we intend to do with that information. Analysis should not be done just for the joy of analysis either but should lead to a concrete action plan. In order to reach this level it is necessary to remind