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Technical problems Online ucation relies heavily on technology, and difficulties can appear at any time. 2. Lack of discipline Some students may have difficulty staying motivat to complete their academic tasks and responsibilities. 3.Lack of personal interaction Although students can interact online, there is no direct interaction which can hinder the quality of feback. Requirements to study remotely It is important to keep in mind that studying remotely also requires optimal conditions to efficiently and effectively fulfill this modality. 1. Internet connection You ne to have a stable and good quality internet connection to access classes without difficulty.

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Motivation and commitment Maintaining motivation and commitment is an essential requirement to be able to complete tasks and activities, and avoid procrastination. 3. Learn autonomously It is a skill that the student must have to learn autonomously and be one step ahead. 4. Organization and self-discipline business lead Distance learning requires a lot of organization and the student is responsible for managing their time to complete their duties. distance racing Where can I study distance courses? The Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN) offers you a high-quality 100% online distance study program accrit by SUNU.

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Below, we tell you the reasons for choosing our institution: Innovative ucational model Worldwide platform Accompaniment throughout the race Maximum flexibility 24×7 support HN Lists attention Experts in distance ucation distance racing The offer of distance university courses may vary depending on the ucational institution and the country. At UPN we present a variety of careers that can be studi online: For the Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN), ensuring quality is both a commitment and a challenge that allows us to fulfill our purpose of transforming the lives of our students.