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A Google business .-and-mortar store an office. or some other place where customers can visit can map services. With a business account. you can also appear in the Google Maps application. 5. Next. you enter the address. bas on which  at the same address. If your company appears on the list. then it will be select. If the company is not on the list. select none of these is my company. Google recognizes companies that already exist.

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so you can choose yours from the list if it’s already there. Google email list asks you to mark your company on the map. You should choose possible on the map so that customers can find their way there. 7. If you also serve your customers outside of this location. you should definitely add information about it in the next step.

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 Alternative service areas should definitely HN Lists be add. as they improve the company’s discoverability. 8. Once the location information is add. it’s time to add the company contact information that will be visible to your customer. Add the company’s contact information so that the customer can easily get in touch. 9. After that. you can still choose whether you want to receive updates and recommendations about your company from Google.